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I cannot vouch that every show will have lots of cars and trucks to look at.Last year there was a day when there was eight shows going on the same day.If you travel around Nashville alone you will find that alot of people only show their cars on one side of town or the other.I personnaly know of someone who will not show their cars if there is a cloud in the sky.Some only show and some only do cruise-ins.Last year,the Murfressboro cruise-in on it's 1st show had over 700 cars.the last show it did it rained and about 10 cars showed up.If you go early and stay late on just about any cruise-in,you will see more cars.I personally just went to the studebaker show and did not see much at all.There are a few idiots like me and others who go to both shows and cruise-ins.If you see either of my cars(the ones at the top of the 1st page)i 'm there killing time.Get it out of the garage.